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  • Charting: Thorough & personalized progress notes and treatment plans can be created in just 2 to 3 minutes using intuitive clinical content templates. 

  • Calendar: User-friendly calendar which allows you & your staff to manage appointment efficiently.

  • Patient Portal: The Patient Portal supports client intake with electronic forms and signatures, electronic self-assessments, and secure messaging.

ICANotes+ is the most clinically robust EHR for behavioral health, with pre-configured templates for all disciplines & settings. 

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Behavioral Health Notes in Under 5 Minutes

"ICANotes+ has significantly streamlined the way I practice medicine and has made documentation so much easier and efficient."

“I would not use any other system. It is very user-friendly, the staff is helpful and available, and it literally allows me to spend time with the patients and not on charting." 

"ICANotes+ is absolutely amazing. I love it! I was worried about starting a private practice because notes and such are so tedious but you make it easy! ICANotes+ should be the official EHR for health care professionals everywhere!" 

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